It was not an evil dream to shatter the servitude of labour – the dreadful and humiliating labour that men had to undergo. Work was too hard. Life was too hard. And to overcome that...

- Karel Čapek, R.U.R.: Rossum's Universal Robots

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  1. The Blue Seal project is a donationware. All the codes and programs from the Blue Seal Project are free to use and distribute as long as you keep the origin and the author properly marked. Nevertheless, a financial donation is to be very appreciated. This also applies, more or less, for the Blue Seal Controller, but see the download page for detailed information about its licensing.
  2. All the programs and codes from the Blue Seal Project (even the Blue Seal Controller) are used at own risk. The author does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by improper manipulation with the codes or programs.
  3. By making a donation you acknowledge the work done at the Blue Seal Project and at its propagation on its homepage and on its facebook page The collected money will be use to finish the homepage presenting all necessary manuals and for maintenance of this homepage, the facebook page and the Blue Seal Controller on the Google Play in order to keep all parts of the Project to be freely accessible for everybody around the globe.
  4. There arise no claims for future development exceeding the concept of the Blue Seal Project presented on the info page or a full technical support by making a donation.

Blue Seal Project created by Jiří Daněk (2013-2016)