Busman: Dear lady, what I mean is that the price of labour is getting cheaper! Even with its food, a robot costs no more than three quarters of a cent per hour! It's wonderful; every factory is buying robots as quick as they can to reduce production costs, and those that aren't are going bankrupt.
Helena: Yes, that's right, and throwing their workers out on the streets.
Busman: Haha, well of course they are!

- Karel Čapek, R.U.R.: Rossum's Universal Robots

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The Blue Seal Controller


In this section we will learn how to use the application Blue Seal Controller for Android. In order to learn more just choose the topic in which you are interested from the following menu.


  1. Introducing the BS Controller and its parts
  2. Manual on the BS Controller
  3. Tutorials for the BS Controller
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Blue Seal Project created by Jiří Daněk (2013-2016)