The Third Law of Robotics:
A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law;

- Isaac Asimov, I, Robot

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Setting the Blue Seal Controller


The Blue Seal Controller is a highly customizable app for Android systems allowing you to send commands to your robot and simultaneously display a video stream from the robot.

In order to be able to use the Blue Seal Controller properly, we will have to use the proper settings-e.g., the IP-address of controlled device or the prot used for comunication.

Nevertheless, the BS Controller is designed to run smoothly with tutorials without any tedious and unnecessary setting-up of the app. On the other hand, rich settings, which can be also confusing at the beginning, offer advanced users a possibility to modify the BS Controller to best suit their needs.

In the next four sections we will learn about the settings and about things we can set or change.

Blue Seal Project created by Jiří Daněk (2013-2016)